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Don't Piss Us Off.

...We'll Eat You For Breakfast.

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  • Do you know Jenny? Do you live on the Beach? Do you Dial your Meals, Watch your Weight, Nutri your System?
  • Do you think fat people are gross or disgusting or going to keel over and die at any minute?
  • Did it not at all occur to you what Big and Fat had to do with that Greek Wedding?

Yeah, we're probably making fun of you in here. Deal with it. Or we'll eat your head.

001. This is a size-positive community. ALL sizes. Mock the idiots, not each other.
002. Accordingly, IT IS OK TO BE FAT. Period and end of discussion. Preaching otherwise will get you banned. Yes, even if you're just SO OMG WORREEED ABOUT OUR HEEEEALLTH!!
003. Rules will generally be made up as we go along.
004. Bannings will be by whim of the moderators. Trust us, you'll have deserved it.